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    Drops of sunlight.

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    The ultimate dad joke compilation

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    The most perfect description of Sarah Palin I’ve ever seen O.O;


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    I love how grateful he is! He loves fruit!

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    Shea Coulee - Interviewed by Trannika Rex for Trannika’s Most Wanted.
To celebrate the second anniversary of Trannika’s Most Wanted at Scarlet, I’m having cast members Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, Valentine, and Kahmora Hall sit down with each other to talk shit & expose the secrets of Boystown’s wackiest drag show. In this interview, Shea Coulee spills the t about everything from her parent’s opinion of drag to living in character.

    Trannika Rex: Hey Shea. So when I started Trannika’s Most Wanted two years ago, the Chicago drag scene was about a third of the size. I wanted to cast girls that were new and different. You and I had only met a couple times and I was taking a chance because I’d never seen you live. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and I asked you to join the cast a couple months later. Tell me about that first show. What were you expecting and what can you remember?

    Shea Coulee: Well, I remember it was my first time being booked in a show in Boystown. I was excited to have penetrated the Halsted strip, and I was ready to get balls deep. It was really intimate backstage. I remember feeling really welcome and really excited to be included.

    TR: It’s hard for me to think of these past two years without you and Kim. We were all so green when this started. You two are great examples of how to enter drag with a bang. What do you think you did differently that you would suggest to other queens?

    SC I would say that the best thing I’ve learned and adopted as a philosophy is to be open to critique. Sometimes when they’re not warranted it can catch you off guard, but peoples perception is their truth, so it’s important to have a good understanding of how others view you.

    TR: is there anything really different in your drag compared to two years ago? What have you learned and changed about yourself from those perceptions?

    SC: I had a hard time being bold in my decisions as far as personal encounters are. Everyone knows I can tear up a stage, but there is also a Meisner-esque aspect to the performance you create when you’re on the mic or interacting with patrons. You’re acting the whole time, and I have seen growth in the character of Shea Couleé.

    TR: That really is an art in itself. Have you created an origin story for Shea versus Jarren?

    SC: Well, Shea is equal parts bourgie and banji. She is the daughter of a French super model who gave her up at birth as a means to maintain her career and image. Shea grew up living with a foster parent in Chicago until she was discovered by a talent scout and her career took off. It wasn’t until the age of 18 when she was in Paris, that she found out the true identity of her mother from a photographer. Only then did she learn that stardom was in her blood.

    TR: What are the chances of your real parents ever coming to a show?

    SC: When I start paying their bills.

    TR: Are they at least curious?

    SC: Not at all. It hurts my feelings a lot because they know I do drag. But they’re old and Christian and stubborn. Sometimes I wish they could put their pride aside for their own child, but they have their priorities so… next question.

    TR: If you could freaky Friday swap with any member of the cast who would it be?

    SC: Initially I would say Kim because I wanna know what’s inside her head, but I know that’s not how this works, so I would say kahmora, so that I can fit in all those tiny fucking clothes.

    TR: Skinny fucking twat. It makes me so mad. Well thanks girl! Catch myself, Shea, Kahmora Hall, Kim Chi, Kahmora Hall and special guests Honey Dijon and Victoria Mourning at the Trannika’s Most Wanted Two Year Anniversary at Scarlet, Monday October 20th.

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    Trannika Rex - Interviewed by Kim Chi for Trannika’s Most Wanted.
    To celebrate the second anniversary of Trannika’s Most Wanted at Scarlet, I’m having cast members Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, Valentine, and Kahmora Hall sit down with each other to talk shit & expose the secrets of Boystown’s wackiest drag show. In this first interview, Kim Chi interviews myself about everything from the origins of the show to Shea Coulee’s balls.

    Kim Chi: Hi, Trannika! I can’t believe this is the two year anniversary! I remember peeing in the Scarlet’s urinal glancing at the first poster that looked like a bad Western porn cover. Tell us, how did the show come about?

    Trannika Rex: Hi Kimberly! When I was a young warthog I only hosted at Berlin twice a month and I knew that my end game was to run my own show. A lot of the queens that are big now were still new and wide-eyed like myself and graciously worked for tips and I would comp bottles of vodka to whoever would book friends. There was never a promise that the show would be monthly because I was just as nervous as they were that it would be a horrible flop. I presented the show to Scarlet with a selling point that was literally “the bar isn’t open on Mondays so there’s nothing to lose.” The first show had Ruby Dee, Tori Sass, Martha Mastodon (now Ivory), Shea Coulee, Valentine, and Tiger Sky (now Natasha Douglas) and it was huge. Scarlet caught on that something cool was happening and we brought in Fireball and starting bringing in even bigger crowds. The premise was basically “if you aren’t sure where you can perform your craziest, weirdest, most offensive idea, this is the place.” We would get the drunkest, tell the darkest jokes, and encourage the girls to push it further every week.

    KC: You have successfully branded yourself as the drunk party girl with two of the best drag shows and a Friday party at Scarlet. Aside from making it on Freaky Eaters, what is in store for Trannika going forward?

    TR: Thanks! The short answer to any question about my future is that I really wanna just do the next coolest thing. Whatever that is, let’s do it. Line dancing? Let’s figure it out. Trapeze? Let’s make it work. Eventually I would love to be a writer for television and a traveling comic but as far as what’s next, it’s really just a brain storm away.

    KC: So as a queen that takes a big dump all over the Chicago, tell us your favorite places to cause a ruckus.

    TR: Scarlet til 2, Berlin late nite, the jewelry shops at Wilson and Clark, Akira at Diversey and Clark, D & S Yo-Yo wig shop in Wicker Park, and eating the world’s best chicken wings at Great Sea in Avondale with the girls.

    KC: Honorable mention goes to the crab rangoon. What are some of the best memories from Most Wanted. Let’s not talk about the time I took a shot since you talk about it on the mic at every show.

    TR: it’s my favorite story though! You guys she’s allergic to alcohol and she disintegrated live on stage! I really loved when Shea Coulee’s ball fell out of her body suit. That was a gift from comedy heaven. I also loved when my mom co-hosted this summer because nothing puts out a great vibe at a show quite like a proud mother of a drag queen. Also, your performance of Britney Spears’s Lucky while cutting onions was a real turning point in weirdness. So good.

    KC: You’re known for your sense of humor and reading the other queens when they’re performing. What were some of your favorite one liners?

    TR: When I told Dixie Lynn Cartwright that her live singing sounded like a “cat getting fucked in the wrong hole with an airhorn.”When Trixie Mattel did her Carmen Miranda number in taffeta and a plastic fruit hat and I said “the devil wears Michael’s.” I like to introduce Kelly Lauren with “she’s got all of her original teeth, somewhere at the bottom of her purse.” Or when I told Pearl that when she performs she makes a face that looks like she’s “taking a shit in a hurricane.”

    KC: Burrito or burrito bowl? Choose wisely.

    TR: Burrito bowl. The less that I have to lick off my elbows the better. I’m too clumsy to eat a burrito in public.

    KC: Product placement. Tell us about your sponsors who probably didn’t know what they were signing up for.

    TR: Fireball jumped into Most Wanted on the third show and they really are the most successful cast member. Two years ago, no bars in Boystown even had the stuff and so we struck up a deal with them because we were both fighting for relevance and now it’s the fastest growing alcohol brand. I was worried they would be too cool for us but it really speaks volumes about the company that they have continuously supported us. They have a great sense of humor and a lot of brains at corporate. I’m also a “friend of RedBull” and have hosted their stage at Pride for three years. The second year they let me take over their Twitter account as a promo… I didn’t get to do that this year lol. I don’t regret anything. I’m also a spokesqueen for Suzy Wong’s wine, Show Pony Rosé with Raja. They knew what they were getting into! It’s a wine brand built around drag queens for gods sake.

    KC: Well, Trannika, thank you for taking your time to do the interview and make sure to come check out Most Wanted’s 2 year anniversary on October 20th at Scarlet bar! Your regular cast member Kim Pee, Shea Coulee, Valentine and Kahmora Hall will be there along side special guests from Champaign, IL, Honey Dijon and Victoria Mourning! Julie Chen, out.

    TR: Seacrest out!

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    Kim Chi - Interviewed by Kahmora Hall for Trannika’s Most Wanted. 
To celebrate the second anniversary of Trannika’s Most Wanted at Scarlet, I’m having cast members Kim Chi, Shea Coulee, Valentine, and Kahmora Hall sit down with each other to talk shit & expose the secrets of Boystown’s wackiest drag show. Today, Kahmora Hall grills Kim Chi about everything from virginity to competitively priced sushi.

    Kahmora Hall: Ni Hao Kim! One of the things I love about your style of drag is that it’s always conceptual and fashion forward; what would you say is your signature look?

    KIm Chi: I don’t know if I have a signature look per se but I do wear lot of headpieces to help narrate a visual story. Every time I get in a costume, I want to look completely different. Same goes for makeup. I like to try new techniques, colors and products or work on refining a previous technique. Doing drag feels like a never ending learning experience and that’s why I love it so much!

    KH: I remember the first time I saw you, it was a cold winter’s night, you were walking from Berlin in sexy red lingerie with a fur coat…

    KC: That was a one time thing and it was demure baby doll lingerie! Kim is a 16 year old virgin so I rarely do anything ‘sexy’. Sex and being sexy is something I’m not too familiar with, so I prefer to focus on the beauty of innocence and youth.

    KH: In honor of the 2 year anniversary of Trannika’s Most Wanted, if you could make a headpiece out of a castmate’s wardrobe, who would it be?

    KC: Valentine. Her jewelry game is always on point and probably has the biggest collection of big chunky sparkles of anybody I know.

    KH: Now, I know we’re all castmates and sisters, but tell me, who’s got the meatiest tuck?

    KC: Best part about Most Wanted is, we serve up meaty tucks in all variety of colors and sizes! Valentine’s chorizo, Kahmora’s gio lua, Shea’s hot links, Trannika’s vienna sausage and my soondae! The audience will have to come and try all the repulsive flavors on their own.

    KH: All of those phallic foods got me hungry! What are some of your favorite places to pig out on a budget?!

    KC: On a budget? I’m not sure what that means but I am going to assume food for people with little to no money. For Indian food, Ghareeb Nawaz is my #1. You can get a delicious giant platter of chicken biryani or veggie thali for only $3.99. Sun Wah has never done me wrong for Chienese food. $5.99 BBQ combination rice plate is my jam. Don Pedro Carnitas in pilsen has cheap and delicious Mexican food. Their carnitas just melt in your mouth. For sushi, you can’t beat the all-you-can-eat at Sushi Para for $18.99. Trannika, Shea, Valentine and I frequent Pauline’s for brunch. The 99 cents any sized iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts between 3pm-6pm keeps me alive. The Vietnamese pastry shop right off the Argyle redline has some yummy stuff too. Ham and egg bun for 89 cents! For Thai, Cozy noodles and rice has a great lunch special for $4.99.

    KH: Wow! Such racially and ethnically diverse options, just like Trannika’s jokes! How long have you been a cast member?

    KC: August 2013 is when I officially became a cast member.

    KH: Marry Fuck Kill: Trannika, Val, or Shea?

    KC: Kill them all

    KH: If you could be any item on the mcdonalds menu, what would it be?

    KC: Large iced coffee. Tall, dark and strong.

    KH: Any shameless plugs you’d like to throw out there?!

    KC: Neverland’s day of the dead party is coming up on October 24th! Come check out the Drag Carnage featuring special guest from Puerto Rico, Kandy Ho! I am doing a special hot spot performance as well. I will also be at the Berlin Drag Matinee this month, Plan B, Madison on the 16th, and Milwaukee Macabre on the 17th. I will be at night of 100 drag queens as well!

    KH: There you have it folks! Boystown’s hardest workin’ Asian woman, harder than all sweatshops combined, Kim Chi! Catch her busting her shit with the rest of us at the Trannika’s Most Wanted Two Year Anniversary at Scarlet on October 20th, featuring Trannika Rex, Shea Coulee, Valentine, Kim Chi, Kahmora Hall and special guests Honey Dijon and Victoria Mourning.